Re: AP900 not syncing?

Christopher Erickson

I moved up from a G-11 to a 900GTO and it was the most pleasant upgrade I have ever made.  Sort of like climbing out of an old Datsun pickup and into a Rolls Royce.  In fact I liked it so much that I got a Mach1 too.  I will be selling most of my other mounts, since it is now clear that I will likely never be using most them ever again.
Don't let some of these technical communications questions scare you.  Most people don't have any problems at all.  And if they do, this is the right place to get lots of expert help and get the problems solved.
Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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I recently purchased a used AP900 (still enroute)and after reading all these complicated messagesI'm wondering if I am in away over my head:-(   bob

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