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Don Anderson

The problem of that long reticle illuminator getting caught on things and possibly shifting the reticle holder plus the likelihood of the batteries being dead when you go to use the supplied unit, motivated me to design and build my own illuminator. Mine is about the size of the old PASILL4 polar scope illuminator and works the same way. I plug it into the reticle outlet on the GOTOCP3 panel and control it via the keypad or ASCOM driver.
Don Anderson

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Yes this is a fairly easy fix and AP, but I hear of this happening so often that I feel it is a minor design flaw in the RAPAS. That small set screw never seems quite tight enough to prevent rotation and misalignment of the reticule if knocked, especially as the illuminator makes such a wonderful lever. A beefier set screw or several of them would help. When the reticule is aligned, it should be totally imobile. (Like drop on the ground imobile)

I have two RAPAS and have accidentedly knocked my reticule out of alignment multiple times, even through something as simple as the pressure on the illuminator of draping a cover over the telescope for the night. It risks souring the out of the box experience as evident in this thread. (A friend of mine has just received a new RAPAS and experienced the same also)


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You can adjust it under the night sky, I had the same thing happen. First center the reticle on Polaris. Then raise the altitude adjuster to move Polaris to the outer circle. If it lies on the 24h line, you're ok. Otherwise loosen the setscrew and rotate the reticle to lie on Polaris. Then lower the altitude adjuster to make sure Polaris moves back to the center point. Lock setscrew. Voila!
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Ah this is a bad news.
I think I need to return the scope to AP for service.
I'm not confident that I can adjust that.
The unit needs dead on accuracy.

It is strange that this happens.
I never touched the set screw as instructed in the manual.

Thank you.

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