Re: Carrying Case for AP1100

Jeff Crilly


Here's the way I look at the weight.  (According to specs on AP website...)

The 1200 RA is 50 lb alone.   It's a bit hefty, but I can single-person heft it on to the 54" pier.

The 1100 RA & DEC (without counterweight shaft) is 43.5 lb, but also add in a saddle, so we at like well under 50 lb.

So I think it is doable assembled.  (This will save setup time. I'm mostly portable around here)
(And I really like the idea of through-mount cabling. To be honest, dismantling the mount with the cabling looks like it would take longer than with the old AP mounts,)

I'm also contemplating mounting on losmandy HD tripod, and was considering leaving the losmandy adapter attached to the 1100 mount.. So a few more lbs there maybe.

That control-box being separate might be a bit tedious to work with, but probly not a big deal.

We shall see.  (Btw, right now I have no pier solution for the 1100, so I'm in the market for a decent losmandy HD tripod.  Preferably somewhere in the SF bay area.)


On Feb 22, 2014, at 9:14 PM, jasillasen <JASillasen@...> wrote:


Yes, please.   I'm currently contemplating a single case with lift off cover rather than hinged or dual Pelican cases.  For the weight,  the one time hoist of both pieces,  the price is less than 2 big 1600 series or 1550Ms.   I know it's a fair heft but the cabling alone may be worth having one case.   Then again my mounts are in sheds I can't reach without the mounties or at least a dog sled until some melting occurs.

John Sillasen

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