Re: RAPAS reticle orientation

Don Anderson

Sometimes the set screw wasn't tightened fully at AP. The reticle illuminator light unit is quite long and if it gets bumped, can create a fair amount of torque on that ring.
I recall there was a post some time back on someone having this problem and Rolando explained how to re adjust the reticle. I would phone AP and talk to them before sending it back
Don Anderson

On Sunday, February 23, 2014 12:23:01 PM, "malonee72@..." wrote:
Ah this is a bad news.
I think I need to return the scope to AP for service.
I'm not confident that I can adjust that.
The unit needs dead on accuracy.

It is strange that this happens.
I never touched the set screw as instructed in the manual.

Thank you.

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