Re: Pictures of special angled pier for A-P mounts to avoid Meridian Flips

Robert Chozick

That is very interesting.  I had to visually recreate this with my arms to understand what you are doing.  The only failure scenario is hitting the ground.  As long as the whole setup clears the ground in any position and does not touch the vertical base holding up the mount I would think you this could go on for days turning around at any declination.  It would have to have a long arm to clear my 155 EDFS, field flattener and camera.


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Thanks for your reply.

> An A-P mount will not flip unless you tell it to do so.
Well, I'm no expert on this, but I do know that mount-control software wants to know whether it's controlling a GEM or a fork.  So my conjecture is that there are differences between merely *ignoring* the meridian (a la the A-P) and behaving as if there is *no such thing* as a meridian (a la a fork mount).  I'll admit to being unable to come up with failure scenarios, though.

My intent is to use the AP1600GTO's 90-degree declination holes to attach the mount to one of these bent piers so that the RA axis is colinear with the upper section of the pier.  I don't want to find out the hard way that this will lead me into unnatural positions such as pointing the scope toward the floor (which would not be good for my main mirror and the mirror mount).


Robert Chozick

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