Re: Pictures of special angled pier for A-P mounts to avoid Meridian Flips

Robert Chozick

An AP mount will not flip unless you tell it to do so.  If you leave it alone it will always keep going, even to run into the pier.  Is there even a way to tell it to do an automatic flip?  I don't use the ASCOM driver since I use a Mac but just curious.  I usually only use the keypad and the only way I know how to do it with the keypad is to reenter the GOTO for the object after it goes to the other side of the meridian.


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I'd really like to put my AP1600 on such a pier; I'll have to see if I can talk someone local into making one.  Is the software in the A-P mount capable of properly taking advantage of this?  It would have to be taught that, like a fork mount, there is no such thing as a meridian flip.


Robert Chozick

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