Re: List of changes to 900 mount over years


There were a few changes. The main ones were, and I don't know the year these pertain to but I'll toss out a few educated guesses:
1) Upgrade of Declination axis (possibly 2003 and earlier mounts)
2) Polar fork upgrade (extension) of polar fork plates. (possibly 2007)
3) Self-loading motor mounts. (maybe these were for the AP1200 only. If available for the AP900 then possibly 2007. They are not listed, you have to ask AP directly)
4) Altitude Adjuster Assembly. (possibly 2003 and earlier mounts)
5) Heavy-duty Azimuth Adjuster Upgrade (possibly 2005)
Please note that I said possibly. You are going to have to do your homework and search the "conversations". As well, go into the AP web pages and read - everything that can possibly be pertinent. Of those I listed, the first one is the most important in my opinion if you are imaging. Only AP knows for sure what was original and whether the Dec upgrade was done. Phone them with the serial number and ask.

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