Re: Settle time

Bob Denny

I had a tickler to check this after a few days... To clarify: ACP does not have any internal settling time logic. ACP provides a place for the user to specify any settling time he might want from the driver. ACP then passes this value into the driver, and the driver is expected to "do it correctly or raise an error" which is the basic rule for modular software. 

There are times during which ACP will temporarily suspend the settling time (set it temporarily to 0), for example during two of the phases of "consistent approach slewing". Leonid you should not be using CA slewing with an AP mount. It is only for extremely sloppy cheap mounts. I may remove it in future versions of ACP. ACP also suspends settling time when talking sky flats as it is not worth the waste of time since it's just looking at a general area of the sky anyway.

I hope this makes things clearer. 

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