Re: Fine adjustments to 600E GTO

Jim Fakatselis <jfakatse@...>

That's a good method but performing that same adjustment to the wooden tripod is
not the same!

Larry Denmark wrote:


I've been following the discussion on tightening the 600E mount to it's base
plate during final stages of polar alignment. For those of us who use a
portable pier, fine adjustment is extremely easy to do.

After performing the initial gross alignment, simply tighten the two screws
by any means you like - either singly or in unison, it doesn't matter - and
then bring Polaris dead center by making fine adjustments to the turnbuckles
on the tensioning rods that give the pier it's stability.

I think it was a suggestion that Marj made some time ago and I've been doing
that, successfully, for many months.

Larry Denmark

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