Re: ap1600 integrated bubble level, not ;eve;?

dan kowall

Levels are tested using an age-old method of simply putting one on an object and then swapping the level end-for-end.
If both readings are the same, then it is accurate and 'on the level'.

dan kowall

From: Dave Goodyear
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Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 7:58 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] ap1600 integrated bubble level, not ;eve;?

Hi Guys.

I'm setting up my 1600 in my perm location in the observatory. I had
another mount on the pier so the pier was level before, but I double checked
and the carpenter level showed level in 8 directions. (measure twice, cut

I put the 1600 onto the pier and noticed on the AP1600 precision pier
adapter that the integrated bubble level showed that the level was off
(higher) to the northeast. (this direction corresponds to the location of
the integrated bubble level.) At first I thought the precision pier adapter
was not square to the pier but I checked with my carpenter level and it
shows the mount is level at all locations..

Just for fun, I changed the pier level to match the bubble level on the
AP1600. When I level per the bubble level on the AP1600 my carpenter level
shows that the level is off now to the southwest. Just so I wasn't going
crazy I tried 2 different carpenter levels and my iphone level. All my
levels match each other. The integrated AP bubble level appears to be
off/not calibrated.

Thoughts? Should I go by the AP bubble level on the pier or my bubble


Dave Goodyear

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