Re: Meridian Flip - Flop & Flexure compensation factor

Joe Zeglinski

Sorry for that typo Jim,

Yes, I meant 75 lbs., maybe a trifle more. AP mount load limits are always specified conservatively, and the AP-900 works like a charm. I'm using a Losmandy HD pier, for the AP-900 and RC-14, and it is rock solid. Doesn't shake, and the servo motors are response, even with 60 lbs of counterweights (2 x 21 lb. Cassady + AP 18 lb.), including the (added 6.53 lb.) AP 9" shaft add-on. Functions as a permanent pier - year round. I only mentioned "portable users", because they might benefit even more from my suggested "compensation factor" as a starting point on the pier flip side. Of course, further RCALs would be necessary to fine tune the centering to neighboring targets, but at least it would get the mount in the ball park with current target still in FOV.

Likewise, I do centre the target after slew with meridian flip, and issue a RCAL. I realize that it won't be perfect at all sky positions, but surely, if the mount could have a relatively decent position to resume, following the flip, the rest of the targets ( ... on THAT side of the pier), will require only a minimal adjustment and RCAL later. My concern is finding the target I was working on, after a flip. I hate hunting for it every time, since it is not in the field of view - a huge waste of scope time.


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