Re: Android app for RAPAS released today!!!

Christopher Erickson

It is the right app.

Under updates it mentions AP.

Jozsef's utility predates the RAPAS and he has always asked a modest fee for

Because there wasn't an Android app for the RAPAS available yet, I contacted
Jozsef and talked him into adding the RAPAS and PASILL4/Losmandy to his
existing app and offered to be a beta-tester. He agreed. When it was
ready, I contacted Marj to make sure I wasn't stepping on any toes before I
announced it here. Marj gave me the green light and here we are!

Jozsef lives in Hungary and is very active in professional astronomy there
as a programmer, astronomer and telescope technician. He is part of the
HATnet project.

He was also involved in the restoration of an historical telescope at the
Konkoly Observatory. The goals were to upgrade the telescope and dome
control to modern electronics and motors while completely-preserving the
original appearance.

He is a very-nice guy and is very responsive to user requests.

Because of the very small and specialized audience for his apps, he chose to
charge a modest fee to recover his programming time instead of depending on
teeny-tiny advertising revenues.

I have no problem with that, or with reimbursing people for good tools.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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I see no reference to AP, ASCOM, RAPAS or the Gralak driver utility in the
description by this developer.  What I do see is that he charges for his
utility when no one else did for iOS or Windows.

Are you linking the right app?  It's certainly not within the spirit of
anyone else's AP driver or utility.

Am I missing something here that says hey I work with the RAPAS?

John Sillasen

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