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Christopher Erickson

Just FWIW, all of the problems encountered are caused by USB and
bad/incomplete/obsolete/old USB drivers and have nothing to do with serial

Be careful what you wish for.

I, for one, would dread having a mount having a USB-only interface that is
going to be obsolete and unsupported in ten years. Think USB 1.0, USB 1.1,
SCSI, IEEE-488, Centronics, PCMCIA, CardBus, ExpressCard, ST-506, ESDI,
CardBay, IDE, PATA and Firewire.

When iOptron first came out with their mounts, they only had USB ports on
them. If you go check their support forums, about 90% of all their
technical support problems are USB and USB-driver related. Their latest
mounts have gone back to serial.

Serial may not be sexy or fast but is the safe universal denominator.

Be careful what you wish for.

Christopher Erickson
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More serial port problems?! Since serial ports are basically obsolete and no
longer included on systems, most (and more as time goes by) have to use a
USB to serial adapter. Anyone in the field who uses a relatively new laptop,
surely does. Cameras or other accessories don't use serial ports. USB was
invented to circumvent some of the problems posed by configuring serial

Sure would be nice if the next iteration of mount controllers used USB to
begin with.


--- In, Leonardo Priami <l.priami@...> wrote:

Hi all,
I installed the last version V2 driver 5.05.13.
I'm finding this version very unstable both under TheSky 6 Pro and under
MaxIm DL 5.
The two softwares often freeze and not respond. So I need to go to to
ctrl+alt+canc and close the V2 driver and often I need to close also the
main software. I have also the last Ascom version of course. I do not
understand if there are some specific situation that induce the driver
to fault.
I have a AP1200 GTO.CP2. With 4.17 firmware.

Can someone help me to understand what I can do?




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