Very nice

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

   MY name is Charles Sinsofsky, I am the author of DigitalSky Voice and the Astro-Physics GTO mount code found in the hand-controller.
   I think this list-serve is a GREAT idea, and extend a BIG thank you to Derek.
   I would like to point out though, that I am not subscribed to the list serve, but would like to be very much, Marj at Astro-Physics passed an email anonucing the existence of the list serve, so of course I would very much like to join.
  Thanx once again for this great idea..all please be sure to check the
  DigitalSky Voice Web site, for latest and greatest releases of the code and upgrades including user-supplied DSV tours from the user-tour pages.
   Check the web site at:
   Charles Sinsofsky
   aka; strfire@... home: - Simplifying group communications

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