Re: ASCOM Comms Retry Count

Christopher Erickson

The CP3 detects when power is going down and quickly saves the worm position
(and probably some other stuff) to NVRAM before power is completely lost.

Pretty-cool feature.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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As the U.S. Marines say - HURA: (heard, understood, retained, acknowledged).

So where is the "last position", saved at time of power failure - in
the PC, or just the gear train?
Surely not, since recovery from power loss, should happen with nothing
attached, not even a keypad.

I'll go out later, if it doesn't rain, and do some random battery pack,
power cord pulls, to see if it will recover every time, and park itself
properly after that. If it does at least that, then I am at a loss, what
parameter is incorrect in my ASCOM setup. I had these problems even before
ever using Ascom, or a PC with the mount.

Thanks Rolando,

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I will put it another way, the CP3 is a simple servo that knows two gear
angles in degrees. It knows nothing else. It does not know your name, your
location, your time or anything else about your setup. It is an empty vessel

until you initialize it via your program of choice, and relies strictly on
your settings in that program. It will simply regurgitate that specific
information that you placed into it during the initialization routine. It
cannot make any distinction one way or other whether that info is correct
that you have fed it. So, if that info is incorrect, you should not be
surprised that the servo will give it back to you in the same state.



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