Re: 900GTO slews 96hrs/1440degrees on GOTO


I am surprised too, as in that someone even tried this! Almost 100% of the time, one would remove the power. Likely why in 15 or so years this has never come up for discusssion to my recollection. Interesting result at any rate.

Here is another one to try. Do the same thing but for brevity, only "stop" the mount for a few hours. Then remove the power. This "should" induce an internal "park". Power up and resume from park. I wonder if tracking rate "stop" is still engaged and what it would do when tracking was resumed followed by a GOTO? This scenario is far more likely to occur if there is an inadvertent power loss while the mount was temporarily "stopped".

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As part of my personal learning curve, I have my 900GTO/GTOCP3/Q/4.17 set up
next to my desk. No OTA or counterweight shaft.

Four days ago I used the hand controller to set the tracking rate to "stop"
and have had the mount idling with the power on from then to now.

Today I used the hand controller to change the tracking rate from "Stop" to
"Side" and then commanded the mount to slew to Mercury which should have
been very-close to where it was currently pointing.

To my surprise, the RA axis did four complete revolutions before pointing
towards Mercury.

I had assumed that the mount would automatically subtract 24hrs/360deg from
the current RA position whenever it exceeded 24hr/360deg.

I assume this isn't a bug so I am looking for some insight on the logic
behind this behavior so I can better-understand my mount and how to use it
most safely and effectively.

Thanks for reading!

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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