Re: Sirius, Rigel, Castor

zeeemu <syzygy42@...>

This idea may be of interest.
A gravity adjusted liquid dispersion corrector would eliminate the fussy adjustments associated with prisms plus be easy to construct. Perhaps there's an entrepreneur out there looking for a project.


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Hi All,

Just an input on the "Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector", this accessory
is well known in the small community of planetary imagers.

I use that one and it really makes a difference for HR imaging :

Best regards

Christian Viladrich

Le 02/04/2013 19:49, chris1011@... a écrit :

Hi All,

What made it possible to see it visually was a little known accessory that Valery Deryushin (Aries Optics) sent me some years back. This is a special mirror diagonal with a variable prism that can be tuned to exactly cancel out the atmospheric refraction, which is quite noticeable at that low altitude.

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