Re: PASILL4 LED isn't working

Christopher Go

Try plugging a 9v battery to it. That should make it work.


At 04:34 AM 3/18/2013 +0000, you wrote:

I usually polar align when there is enough light
to not need the illuminated reticle. Last night
I ran late and had to plug in the LED and it did
not light up. I tried adjusting the illumination
settings on the handcontroller, up to the max level, and still no luck.
Any suggestions on how to test the LED before
calling it 'defective'? It's a brand new unit. I
bought the mount (and the PASILL4) barely two
months ago, and never really thought about testing the LED.
I read that somebody here plugged the LED in the
6V port. What are the specs of the LED? Is that an option?

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