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Christopher Erickson

And some hard drives can have problems at high altitudes because of the thin
air and their dependence on air bearings for controlling the height of the
heads over the drive platters.

Solid state drives do not have this problem.

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Your cameras will operate just fine in the cold, but batteries will drain
faster, and cables will be more stiff. Plan to have lots of power, and think
about cable routing as they will hang and twist in new ways a you slew
around the sky.

A good tip I to get gloves with a mitten covering the fingers if possible.
When you need to type or handle small things, fold the mitt back so you can
use your fingers. When you're done, flip the mitts over your fingers to keep
them toasty warm again.


On Mar 7, 2013, at 11:23 AM, Suresh Mohan Neelmegh <drsureshmohan@...>

Dear Friends,
im from south india and the temperature 70 -110 f .Im planning to visit
Ladakh as ive been invited . Ladakh is a rocky desert located above 14,000
ft and rains only in summer, that too a few times,i plan to make it in
september/october when the nights are longer.Since most of you are from US
, you must have experienced minus 10c and the likes. Will DSLR s /CCDs
at minus 10c, i have canon 500 D and QHY10 , I plan to take my Mach1 and
Tak 85.I plan to rent a house or stay in a monastry where there are no
lights. This place is going to be a few kms from Leh. I dont plan to go to
Hanle as i wll lose one day though the altitude is 18000 ft( hanle
observatory) .Is there any special clothing available to stand in this
cold.Pls advise and if any member liked to join it will be my pleasure


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