Re: Cases for 1200GTO Head

John Gleason

I agree Mark. In fact, I don't use cases for transporting my 1200 mount.
It would add too much weight. I simply use a heavy blanket wrapped around
each axis and carefully secure in my vehicle. The pier slips nicely into a
sleeping bag and I store the pier legs, counterweight bar, and
counterweights inside the pier. All lay flat in the back of my 4Runner
SUV. Tenba makes a PAD bag that works quite well for either the 7" or 6"
OTA's . The 1200 takes quite a bit more effort to set up in my opinion.
Everything is just bigger, including the 24" tube holder that is used for
the 7". Add guidescopes, eyepieces, accessories, cameras, ST4, food, ice
chest, extra clothing and you are packed solid. Guess I should be looking
at that new Ford Exterminator vehicle. NOT! This stuff needs to get into
a permanent observatory! ;-)


John Gleason, dvj@...

Thanks John, I'll look into this. Personally seeing, and helping
break down a 1200GTO (Roland's), I find the 1200's two pieces
relatively compact, and not really that heavy. A heavy duty ATA flight
case may add a considerable amount of carrying weight though. I think
something like a lighter Poly-plastic Tenba, Pelican,or SKB would be
ideal, and provide sufficient protection for transporting to dark-sky
sites. Mark

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