Re: Confusion After Installing the "S" Chip

Larry Phillips

Gerald, thanks for the feedback. Was anything said about losing the PEMPRO input previously saved for Q or earlier?


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After talking to George, I believe this is the case for "Q" chips and earlier:

The controller won't be synced to the correct position to the last location when the mount was powered down. The term "initialization" simply means to turn on the keypad and there are three options on powerup depending on how it was set up before. Autoconnect set to yes, no, or EXT as we all are aware.

When referring to "Initialization", this simply means that the controller needs to know with a sync where the mount is pointed again as the last location was not saved after the chip upgrade. So either sync on a known star or unpark from Park 1 (option 4) is required. It cannot resume from any other park position because it won't know where that location was the last time the mount was turned off. Nothing need be done for date, time, location, etc. is my understanding.

Mine was set on EXT, and when I connected to The SkyXPro, it seemed to work normally as it did before as it resumed from Park 1 using ASCOM. I'm not sure if that information is sent to the controller by the ASCOM driver or the The SkyXPro. Maybe Ray can further explain this option.

But, in any event, there would appear there is nothing you need to do beside turn on the mount, and either sync on a star or unpark from park 1 position, which is what I normally do anyway, and PEM will then have to be re-recorded.

That's it.


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Check out the link below from their website. It says Q or earlier. It also notes that the keypad info will not change so date time location is still in there, but that info has to be downloaded to the servo firmware for it to be reinitialized into the mount.

Hope this helps.

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I had the same experience with my O chip. Also, not sure about PEC.


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I posted the exact same question. All I can tell you is that after I replaced the Q chip with the S chip, the GTOCP3 booted up as it normally would before. Location data, time, date all was as it was before the chip upgrade.

Not sure about PEC. That's a bit hard to tell.


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Hello anyone who can help.

I have just received and installed my "S" chip replacing one which is version "O".

There seems to be a contradiction in the two instructions sheets received with the chip. The one titled "Installing New ROM Chip into GTO Control Box-Model GTOCP3, Chip Version "R" and later", in the last paragraph with the subheading titled "After the ROM chip replacement-Versions "R" and later", it says "If your previous ROM chip was version "Q" or earlier, you must perform a full initialization on your first power-up, and you will also need to redo the mount's PEM. Etc."

In the second sheet titled "Your first observing session" it says in the next to last paragraph titled "After a ROM chip replacement-GTOCP3-Version Q and earlier", "Install your new chip and proceed normally as if nothing had changed. Etc."

I had the "O" chip, do I need to do an initialization on first start up and redo PEM or not?


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