Hi guys,

I'm an owner of Mach1GTO.
I'm very interested in APCC but I don't fully understand what exactly it is.

Is APCC an application using the AP ASCOM driver or some sort of driver?

I'm using Sequence Generator Pro and several other planetarium software such as SkyTools and Cartes Du Ciel for image capture, plate solving and syncing etc. These software uses the ASCOM driver to move the mount and send the Recal command.

For example I do an initial Recal with Cartes Du Ciel for a star and use Sequence Generator Pro to do plate solving to go to the target to match the image from the previous night or go back to the target after re-focusing. Sequence Generator Pro do the plate solving using PinPoint or Elbrus.

What would be the work flow if I use the plate solving feature of the APCC?
Can APCC work with the other software using the ASCOM driver (other software sending the RECAL command)?

My setup is not a permanent setup.

Thank you.
Dong Hun

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