Re: M31, the Great Galaxy in Andromeda from New Mexico

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Your M31 is beautiful.


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Hello all,

I haven't been active on the DSO imaging groups lately. I still have a bit of a backlog to work through, and was also distracted by the solar events of May and June (my apologies to those who've seen these before):

During my trip out west for the solar events, I swapped out the TOA-130 in our remote observatory with an FSQ-106. Here is my first finished image taken with the FSQ-106 taking advantage of its FOV: M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.

This is not my first attempt at M31; I have two finished images of it from 2004 and 2006. This is my first attempt of it from a dark sky site, however. I am particularly pleased with the relative ease of processing this image. I did not have to run any gradient removal algorithm with this data. Either it's that good, or perhaps I did not stretch it enough?

75% sized image:

Comments and suggestions welcome.


Robert Chozick

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