Re: Why AP mount don't have a USB port?

Christopher Erickson

First there was PCMCIA 1.
Then there was PCMCIA 2.
Then came CardBus (PCMCIA form factor)
Then came ExpressPCI (1/2 PCMCIA form factor)
Then came MiniPCI internal (tiny circuit board with edge connector)

PCMCIA, CardBus and ExpressPCI are all deader than a boar hog at a Luau.

Modern laptops (with a few rather expensive exceptions) only have Sound
in/out, USB, Ethernet, HDMI and maybe a VGA connector. And the VGA
connector is gonna be gone soon. Next will be the Sound in/out and then the
Ethernet port.

As Apple would say "why would any reasonable person need more than WiFi,
HDMI and USB?"

Present/future interfaces include cellular data connectivity and digital

Even the venerable keyboard and mouse are on the laptop endangered-list.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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My 2009 Toshiba does. Look carefully. They are covered and don't appear as
an obvious slot

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My 2006 Toshiba and 2010 Asus don't have PCMCIA slots or any other slots.


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