Re: Why AP mount don't have a USB port?

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My 2006 Toshiba and 2010 Asus don't have PCMCIA slots or any other slots.

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PCMCIA is an old standard. At some point along the way, it was replaced by
PC Card (which may be the same thing, but renamed).

My current laptop (a Lenovo W520) was the first machine I owned without
PCMCIA support, but it does have a PC Card Express 34 slot (and PC Card
Express seems to have been renamed ExpressCard). Your Dell is probably the
same. I was able to find a serial card to fit the new slot for about the
same price as the PCMCIA ones. I have found the "real" serial ports to be
far more reliable than any USB-to-serial adapter, even the Keyspan ones.

Here's a Wikipedia article describing the various PC Card options:

And here's a link to an example of a two port serial card for the PC Card
Express 34 slot:
rt> &qid=1350598143&sr=8-10&keywords=expresscard+serial+port

I hope this helps,



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Although I could be wrong. I think PCMCIA cards are a thing of the past. My
latest Dell doesn't have the slots, just DVD and BlueRay.


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You cannot put a PCMCIA card into your laptop? There's a place for one in my
Dell laptop. Here's one for $29.00:
cts_id=251> &cPath=69&products_id=251


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I have a Mach1GTO and it works very fine except when I do polar alignment
routine by using star drift method.

I use this mount for imaging by connecting the mount to my laptop computer.
would like to know why AP don't provide a USB port on CP3 controller box?
is a different between old fashion serial port and new USB 2.0 port? Because
have to buy a good quality USB2serial adapter. Sometime this adapter was
during imaging session. If I can choose, I would preferred a USB connection
serial port.

What are good points of serial over USB interface?

Thank you very much.


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