Re: SERIAL PORTS (was: cannot connect gto CP3 to the SKy 6)


I use 4-port Tripplite and Icron Ranger in my observatory. I had a couple BSODs but now I connect the Icron and cold boot the HP Win64 laptop and it's been reliable since.

I'm running my ST-10XME plus Pyxis rotator, Robofocus, and of course the 1200GTO.

Louis Marchesi

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I'd love to hear more peoples experience using the combination of the Icron Ranger and the Tripplite Keyspan (4 port in my case). I assume Geralds problems are the exception rather than the rule?

I was hoping to use these to remote control the 1600 and cameras/accessories, especially during the cooler months (reached -18C some nights last winter, a bit too chilly for my liking!).

I would be using a Dell XPS / Win7 64 bit laptop.



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