Re: Why AP mount don't have a USB port?

Christopher Erickson

I would love to see a gradual migration to a modular interface socket, where
the user would have a choice of swappable interface modules, including:

RS-232 - Still the universal denominator
USB-HID - USB interface that wouldn't need drivers!
Ethernet/IPv4-IPv6 - Rock-solid, multi-device interface with unlimited
Ethernet/IPv4-IPv6 with PoE - Ethernet with power, all in one connector
FTDI fiber-optic - All of the benefits of Ethernet with lightning and ESD
WiFi - For iPhones, iPads and the WiFi'd observatory
Bluetooth - For Android phones, tablets and more
Xbee wireless - For the more-serious astro-geek robotic observatory
I2C - Fast & simple multi-device interface standard used between

And of course more modules could come out in the future, as computer
interfaces evolve over time.

I would be thrilled if AP were to lead the way into the future with a
modular interface socket that would be available to other manufacturers as a
licensed or license-free standard.

Each module would be about 3/4" x 3/4" x 1.5" and would plug flush into a
matching socket on the mount's control box.

I think this would be a great boon to mounts, focusers, filter wheels,
optical manifolds, rotators, dome controllers and all other observatory
devices that have low data rate requirements. Cameras and such will always
need high-bandwidth interfaces that will follow the latest interface
standards and will always be at a greater risk of quick-obsolescence
accordingly. Anybody want a camera with a parallel or SCSI interface? I
got boxes of them.

Years ago I remember arguments from stubborn Apple Mac users about why
didn't GOTO mounts have SCSI-II interfaces. Sounded just like the arguments
for USB today.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Hi Anthony
my poor laptop only has one serial, 1parallel, 1 eithernet and 2 USB1
ports : (( Can't cram in the USB2 and extra serial adapters into the slots
at the same time as they will not fit. Really need a good way to control the
mounts, and supporting equipment easily. There should be a way to get -
camera, guide camera, mount, filter wheel, focusers (2) and possibly a
filter tuner and extra focuser and camera for those with Halpha scopes.
Never mind the roof or dome controls, weather inputs, and cameras to view
remote what is going on. That is a lot of stuff to get working all at once.
Be nice to have a hub to plug them all into at the mount and then send the
signals back via a single LONG cable to where your main computer is located.
With a big lightning arrestor protecting the whole thing! Need a good IT guy
to get it sorted out. I'm with AP though, I want a device that will not
become obsolete. I intend to own the mount for 20 to 30 years, and I want it
to run on Windows ver 45. Serial will be around for a LONG time, and mounts,
focusers and filterwheels do not need fast communications unlike cameras.
Have 2 PCI serial cards in the main obs computer, works just fine. Have more
troubles with the USB extender hub and drivers than I do with the serial
Either net would be nice if there was an easy way to assign all the stuff.

Daniel Marcus

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Similar cards exist for USB2.0 for those of us whose laptops are

exclusively USB1.1. Some software and hardware, specifically requires USB2.


???? 10/18/2012 20:40, ?/? chris1011@... ??????:

You cannot put a PCMCIA card into your laptop? There's a place for one
in my Dell laptop. Here's one for $29.00:

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Subject: [ap-gto] Why AP mount don't have a USB port?
I have a Mach1GTO and it works very fine except when I do polar alignment
routine by using star drift method.
I use this mount for imaging by connecting the mount to my laptop
computer. I
would like to know why AP don't provide a USB port on CP3 controller
box? What
is a different between old fashion serial port and new USB 2.0 port?
Because I
have to buy a good quality USB2serial adapter. Sometime this adapter
was fail
during imaging session. If I can choose, I would preferred a USB
connection than
serial port.
What are good points of serial over USB interface?
Thank you very much.


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