1600GTO Latitude Dimension Calculator

Howard Hedlund

Hi Everybody,

I'm sorry this took so long, but it's finally finished. The Latitude Dimension Calculator now includes the 1600GTO as well as the 3600GTO. The 1600GTO column was built with dimensions taken directly from our new CAD software, so I am confident that the input data is all correct. I, of course, could still have made some errors in the Excel formulas, but everything appears to be correct so far. I have confirmed several different latitude settings, but could not check every calculation at every possible latitude.

In the short term, I would suggest that you always download the spreadsheet from the website, rather than saving a copy to your hard drive for future use. That way, if we do find a calculation error that I can fix, you will always be using the most up-to-date version. As an example, there is one field in the 3600GTO column that is shaded in blue. I am not satisfied with the accuracy of this calculation, but have not yet found my error. I may be able to fix it once we get the 3600GTO drawings moved to the new CAD software.


Happy observatory planning!

May your skies be clear, dark and steady!

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