Re: SERIAL PORTS (was: cannot connect gto CP3 to the SKy 6)

Zak Foreman

Thanks Gerald, its good to know that alternatives exist and work. As AP recommend the Keyspan, it obviously has been successfully tested under some configurations.

Tell me, does your keyspan work when connected directly to your PC? Or does it just not play nice with the Icron your have?

Anyone else care to share their experiences?

All the best,

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The Icron Ranger and Startech 4port USB/serial converter work perfectly if that helps. Just don't buy the Keyspan/Tripplite device. I ran a Pyxis rotator and the Mach1GTO through the Startech to the Icron Ranger and then ran a QSI683wsg, Lodestar guider, and micro touch focuser through the Icron directly.

Not a single issue so far with anything with this combination. Note the range is limited to 150' if I remember correctly.


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I'd love to hear more peoples experience using the combination of the Icron Ranger and the Tripplite Keyspan (4 port in my case). I assume Geralds problems are the exception rather than the rule?

I was hoping to use these to remote control the 1600 and cameras/accessories, especially during the cooler months (reached -18C some nights last winter, a bit too chilly for my liking!).

I would be using a Dell XPS / Win7 64 bit laptop.



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