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Howard Hedlund

Hi guys,

Sorry! I got a bit behind in my post reading. Anyway, you were correct to tighten up the set screws a bit. These screws each push on a hard little ball to take up the tiny bit of slack that is required in order for us to assemble the parts. Tighten ONLY enough to remove the slack! Also, tighten each of the screws equally, going back and forth between them a small bit at a time.

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Thanks for posting your experience. I have exactly the same "squelch" thing with my 2011 Mach1 - you describe it well. I saw the screws, but didn't try tightening them up, for fear of straining something. Now I might try it some time, gently.

Best regards


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Thanks, just wanted to be sure.

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Sounds like you fixed the problem.


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Howard, Roland, or anyone at AP, I was wondering if you could comment on my
post? Thanks.


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I noticed that there was some "slop" after reassembling my mount on my
permenant pier when I would push/pull on the counterweight bar lighly when the
scope was in Park 1 position. I could hear something that sounded like grease
sticking and unsticking if that makes sense, and could see the rotating azimuth
moving vertically and seemed a bit loose under the mount. I noticed that there
were two small allen screws on the east and west side, and I tightened them and
that seemed to fix the issue. There are no instructions for that (at least that
I could find), so was that the correct thing to do? If so, is there anything I
need to know as to how tight, etc., to turn these small allen screws? Is there a
third under the adjuster knob assembly that I should adjust as well(I couldn't
see one).



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