Re: SERIAL PORTS (was: cannot connect gto CP3 to the SKy 6)

Christopher Erickson

I agree that Ethernet/TCP/IP would be a good choice to eventually-replace
RS-232 serial. Ethernet/TCP/IP is much more stable, extendable and reliable
interface choice than is USB.

USB has built-in obsolescence. The vast majority of USB devices are
disposable junk and nobody cares if you have to buy a new $100 printer every
couple of years. That is a completely different scenario than a $10-20,000
telescope mount.

Computers and laptops these days are geared to the average consumer that no
longer has an understanding or need to interface to serial devices. We
high-tech astro-geeks are now a minority that has to deal with the
limitations of mainstream products for our specialized applications.

Personally, I would rather take a few steps to improve/upgrade the
disposable, mainstream products so they will work with my premium astro
gear, versus asking the makers of my premium astro-gear to turn their
products into disposable objects.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Apparently, there are quite a few other folks that don't have a problem
with USB. All of my other devices such as
main camera, guider, and focuser all are USB. The only device I have an
issue is the one developed over 50
years ago-the serial port on the AP mount.
The problem is probably not the serial port. The problem is probably with
the USB converter you are using. If so, that
is a USB problem, not a serial port problem.

IMO, USB is the wrong way to go. Ethernet would be a *much* better solution.

-Ray Gralak
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