Re: cannot connect gto CP3 to the SKy 6


I'll also note that current generation MOBOs still have a Serial Connector. The correct Connector/Cable/Back plate is easy to find for 10 bucks.

Maybe it's me, but using a 64 bit Win7 OS I have issues getting the Serial Port to work with my planetarium (ECU). Life is too short to bang my head against the wall so I'm running a 32 bit version.


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Hi Gerald,

since no laptops or PC's have no serial ports.
Actually there are some desktop computers that still come with serial ports built in (e.g. some of the Dell Optiplex and
Precision desktops).

If you are using a desktop without a serial port the best solution is a 2-port PCI and PCI-express card. They run from
$10-40 usually and are much more robust than the USB/serial adapters. You can find them at Newegg or Amazon.

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