Re: Crosshairs on The Sky6


Correction - You just need a ctrl-F or just an F to to the find.

- You probably already know, but if you user the Center & Frame button, the view will change to a zoomed version of the object you intend to goto. When you do the actual goto the view will remain on the object and the cross hairs will arrive on your target when the mount gets there.


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Go into "Telescope", then "Setup" and make sure the checkbox "Always keep telescope cross hairs on screen" is unchecked.

Then you can ctrl-Q F or choose edit/find in the menu) to get the find dialog. Enter your object, hit the find button. The object information dialog will appear. hit the green goto icon at the bottom left in the dialog box and the scope will slew with out changing the view on the screen.

John D

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When I tell The Sky 6 to slew to an object, the crosshairs and mount always goes back to the center of the screen before slewing to the target even though the target is right beside the other one. How can I get the Sky 6 to just go to the object?

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