Re: Expand the group?

howard lazarus <lazhow@...>

Hi Derek;
I too have noted that some in the group have other than AP scopes and some
have both refractors and SCT's. However, the AP GTO systems are evolving all
the time. We still have to see what the new program for the keypad will
bring and the chip for the computer so that we can download from the AP web
I think there is enough to talk about just with the AP mounts,however, it
would be of interest to see how the mount is employed when using different
scopes and what mountings are required, what alignment problems may occur,is
tracking effected depending on the scope used etc.
In other short...expand if you could be fun.
Howard Lazarus

Derek Wong wrote:

Hi everyone--back from vacation.

I think this group is fine as it is--low volume and small. However, it
occurred to me that possibly everyone on this list except me has an AP

I would like to hear from you guys about expanding the group to include
discussions of AP equipment in general--in other words, creating an AP
mailing list similar to the Meade and Celestron groups.

You can e-mail me your opinions, or we can discuss this on the group.

I want to announce the group on s.a.a. and put a link to it on the AP
website, but obviously we would have to make this major decision first.



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