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John Gleason

Hi Kent,

I used a full aperture glass filter that I purchased in 1994 or '95 soon after purchasing the EDF. Honestly I can't remember where I got it. It's been in storage so long, the box had yellowed and no label. It has an aluminum cell that slips over the 155 EDF dew shield quite tightly.

Also, the image was shot in color, not grayscale. I had just picked up the 5D MK II and was not sure what to expect.

I had suspected that the glass filter was not as sharp has it could have been, but with the jetstream hanging over California,our seeing was in the multi-arcsecond range. In the few precious seconds of good seeing, the filter seems to be OK.

It's easy to convert to grayscale too.

I enjoyed the event and pretty much automated the whole thing. Enough automation infact, that I was also viewing the live feed from our remote observatory in Coonabarabran, Australia, the NASA live feed from Hawaii, all at the same time while enjoying a fine California Zin! What a hoot!


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What filter did you use?

Yes ago I used the glass filters which resulted in an 'orange sun', but not a very sharp image.
Later I used the Baader (visual) film material which resulted in a 'white sun'..although somewhat bluish.
The photographic images from the Baader film material have a slightly 'flared' or hazy quality which
I don't care for.

Any other solar filter material out there?

Kent Kirkley

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From San Jose California

AP 6" f/7 at F/14
AP 1200 goto

Seeing was not so good from my house. Still had a lot of fun, sun, friends,
wine and the transit.

Thanks Roland and Marj for a great telescope and mount.


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