Re: 600gto for astrophotography

Stephen E. Russell <sjruss55@...>

Hi Gus,
Thanks for the input. I figured that most folks use the 48in pier. I set up
my tripod at 54in with the 130f6 to get a feel for it. Crawling on my knees
and trying to guide manually is uncomfortable. Maybe easier to stand, I
guess you need to choose objects that allow you to sit is the key, easier
said than done. Even though the 155f7 is longer, the guidescope still will
remain at the same position, so I need to consider this some more. I can
see where the 80mm GS would be easier to use just because it is longer. Time
to bring out the stepstool for the shorter observers would solve the horizon
problem, except when they grab on the diagonal to get their balance. I don't
have any future plans for a shorter scope, if so then I will have to use the
tripod. Even if I buy the 54in pier, maybe you can just buy the center
section only.

I'm 6'2" tall and use the 155 EDFS/900GTO combo (a little taller than the
600, I believe) on the 54" pier. I can view to the horizon standing and can
view at the zenith without crawling on my knees. It's quite doable, but if
you have any observing friends any shorter, it will be too tall when
near the horizon. And you won't be doing much viewing seated. If you plan
using a shorter scope on the mount/pier combo, I'd go for the 48". Since I
will be using a C-11 and a Mak-Cass on mine, I am going to sell the 54" and
go to a 48".


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