Re: New Mach 1 setup woes behind me.

John A. Sillasen

What he says. (Chris). The rare earth magnets stuck to the A-P counterweights and shaft w/o issue.


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There are a number of flavors of stainless steel and some have
enough iron in them to be mildly attracted to magnets.

Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
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Definitely not AP parts then since they are stainless for the CW and CW
shaft and aluminum for the dovetails and sliding bars. Nor can they be
Casady CW's since they too are stainless. Why would you get a steel
counterweight shaft when the mounts come with nice stainless ones from AP?
And steel for dovetails?!? Are you making your own - from steel?

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The counterweight shaft and counterweights and the dovetail and tube rings
are all steel. These are where the levels are used anyhow. I also used it
on the pier itself since it has no level. Fits right across the top and can
be put in any direction.
it just makes it easier to level the pier before adding the head. Of
course I use the level in the Park 1 and Park 2 positions. With three
counterweights it is longer then needed. I ended up putting it on the three
countwrweights themselves. Fortunately, they are all the same size.

A 5" level would be even better than a 7" one. The 7" level was more
accurate than a picture hanging spirit level. I know because I tried both
and found differences.


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Oh, just bought a cool bubble level with magnets on the base a push
button on/off light switch that illuminates in green.
That ought to make dusk alignment a whole lit easier. Venus will be
the one to slew to for initial alignment.

John Sillasen in CT
The bubble level sounds pretty interesting but I'm not so sure that the
magnets are going to have much to grab on to. The mount is aluminum, brass,
and stainless, none of which are particularly magnetic. ;-)


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