Re: While waiting for Roland's new polar scope...

Pierre Henrotay

Hi Percy,

Interesting. I suspect there is some machining involved.
How did you guarantee that the polar scope is exactly aligned with the axis ?

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I decided on modding my Mach1 GTO mount with the Takahashi EM200 (2030) polar scope. Very rapid acquisition of Polaris. Dial in the time (non Daylight savings), Month/Date and the local time offset. Under 30 seconds for acquisition. Pretty sure I'll be selling my Pasill4 (like new) since I can work faster with the other polar scope.

The front of the Tak polar scope is illuminated by a low brightness LED. Easily controlled by the AP GTO hand paddle.

Also testing out the new filter material for the annoyingly bright GTO hand controller. I'm not disclosing what the material is, but it works fabulous! None of the typical cellophane, rubylith or acrylic so prevalent on the market.

Now just have to wait for Rolando to come out with his new polar scope to do a friendly comparo!


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