Re: Mach 1 GTO Initial Setup Head Scratching

Roland Christen

In a message dated 5/10/2012 6:39:25 PM Central Daylight Time,
danny@... writes:

My only thoughts on the electrical issues are either a bad connection
with the cigarette lighter connector/socket or the keypad battery.
Keypad battery will not do that. That battery is soley for the retention of
the database and is not used to power the keypad itself.

Most likely you have a poor connection at the 12 volt plug on the CP3 servo
box. You might want to take a small screwdriver and gently pry the pins
apart on that CP3 12 volt connector. Then insert the power cable and be sure to
always seat it fully using the nut - i.e. turn the nut all the way on,
otherwise the power connector can wiggle around and possibly cause the power to
the keypad to fluctuate.


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