Re: Mach 1 GTO Initial Setup Head Scratching

Christopher Erickson

Sure sounds like a loose power connection someplace, limiting the amount of
current available to the mount so when the motors try to move, current
spikes and voltage drops, resetting the electronics.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Upon initial power on of the Mach 1 GTO, the Hand Controller would flash,
Astro-Physics, Inc. Ver. 4.17 on and off, repeatedly. After a minute or so
or less, can't say for sure, I unplugged it and checked connections for the
3rd time. I know, but cabling is usually the problem, right? I re-attached
power and it came to the main menu. I went to setup and entered the time
and date, it was only off a little. Then I attempted to enter the longitude
and latitude when I noticed it went back to the main menu again. You guessed
it, I skipped over the time zone and it skipped the setup. I tried to do it
again but all of a sudden it went back to flashing the firmware version

By this time, the first rain drops hit and I unplugged it all and took all
the electrical components in first. By the time I got to the mount itself,
the rain was a false alarm. I couldn't trust that fact because that's all
we've had since the mount arrived - rain.
Isn't that the way it is?

So, now I have everything put away, I find I cannot get the mount back in
the box!

So, first question - being 6 weeks away from having the ScopeGuard case, how
do you travel with your Mach 1 GTO mount?

Next, I got a volt meter to test the battery. I knew it wasn't going to be
the problem because it is a brand new Optima 38 AH Yellow Top Deep Cycle
battery purchased Saturday. It has been on a battery tender for a day and a
half and fully charged. It measured 14 VDC with a needle based VOM so it's
probably putting out 13.8 VDC.

What is causing the Hand Controller to flash the version number off and on?
Checking the troubleshooting section, I will add there is no clicking sound.
Connection was made to the battery with an automotive auxiliary female
cigarette lighter adapter with bare wires screwed down under the Wing nuts
of the deep cycle battery posts. I have yet to make a ring connector to
this and couldn't put my hands on the alligator clips once I was setup and
ready to test. I figured a screwed down wire would be close enough.


John S. Soggy in Connecticut


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