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Thank you for the information. This is very similar to the method for me when I setup in the evening and the first planet or bright star is out. But I hope there is a more accurate methos. I can find a sight line in google earth to much better than a degree and a cross hair eyepiece can allow me to point the scope much better, too.


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Hi Gert,

in the daytime use the shadow of the dovetail!

After the setup with the bubble level choose the sun with the keypad and slew to it. Then turn only in AZ till you see a clear shadow of the dovetail on a sheet of paper. If you bubble level is fine you will be aligned under 1°. Thats good for visual and short exposures.


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Hello All,

What is a good daytime setup 'trick' for the AP900 for the solar Eclipse? I have read Roland's instruction text. On other mobile setups so far I have used bubble level and compass for initial alignment but then had to wait for at least the very first objects to come out and allow for the tricks in Roland's instructions to work.

But now I need to setup in the daytime and can not run refinement on stars. (As I need the mount to be rough-aligned for the eclipse)

I can vouch for the quality of the bubble level, but the compass might be suspect. There are too many magnetic metal parts near the pier.

I can find a sight line from my planned observing location to a distant mountain top. (google earth) Is there a way to use that, the bubble level and some alt-az pointing of the AP900 to perform a decent setup?

Your instructions are appreciated.

Thanks & Clear Skies,

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