Re: Need help with issue in RA guiding and Synchronous Pulseguide

Christopher Erickson

How about sending back the hand controller along with it?

Just in case...

Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
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The load balance is perhaps changing as the OTA changes orientation and
there are some offset loads that can affect symmetry, hence COG. I notice
when trying to balance, but usually it is small. The rest of the night
4hrs), on a different object higher in DEC, this issue did not happen. It
seems random as far as I have seen.

Question is what other parts (apart from worm) of the mount system care
about the worm period after PEC is disabled. The guiding software does not
care or know about the period. Does the driver do anything at that
What about the GTOCP3 - does it do anything passively ? What about the
keypad (PEM set to none) ? The motor has encoder so the controller would
if the speed was changing somehow. Unless it was initiated by the
At this point I woul;d suggest that you contact Christine at AP, get a
return authorization and send the RA axis back, with your electronics. That
we can recreate the problem here, and by careful analysis, determine what
caused the anomaly.

Roland Christen


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