Re: Larger "diameter" Counterweights for AP-1600 ?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Chuck,

If at all possible ... it is best to AVOID using extension bars. I have been advised by an expert, that he keeps his stack of cwts as close to the upper bar as possible, and even retained his old, shorter, AP-1200 cwt bar. He says that with the large mass of cwts down the bar, their "inertia" can affect the "responsiveness", of fine guiding corrections.

Of course, this won't pose a problem for those at low latitudes, but those in higher latitudes may have no choice but to use extensions, since the cwt diameter can clip the mount post-meridian, especially the mount AZ Adjuster knob, which sticks out a bit further, beyond the pier perimeter.

Some things to consider, before going for lighter weights further own the bar, for the same leverage.
Joe Z.

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Don't forget you can get an extention cwt bar, which cost much less than the
weights. If the 1600 couldn't use the 1200 weights..that would be a deal
breaker for me.

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