Re: Larger "diameter" Counterweights for AP-1600 ?


Hi Joe,

We will evaluate the need for an additional cwt suitable for the increased capacity of the 1600.

Marjorie Christen

On Apr 30, 2012, at 1:31 PM, "Joe Zeglinski" <J.Zeglinski@...<mailto:J.Zeglinski@...>> wrote:

Hi Marj,

Looking at the new AP-1600 picture, the RA axle section (housing) seems truncated shorter than on an AP-1200, so the standard cwt bar might also sit a few inches higher up the axle, thus less leverage. In order to be able to actually mount “upto” a gargantuan 220 lb (with accessories) OTA, and in order to still have enough bar space for all its counterweights, have you considered offering an 7-inch “diameter” cwt instead of limiting it to the current AP standard 6" (nominal) inch?

Based on past calculations, for the same thickness, an 7” diameter cwt should give you a 30 lb weight, or an 8” diameter 40 lb cwt. - in the same space and bar hole diameter – assuming larger stainless steel bar stock is available.
However, steel toe construction boots might become a safety accessory for such heavy weights

The downside might be that at higher latitude set-ups, the larger cwt might approach the mount a bit closer, when past the meridian.

Joe Z.

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