Re: New Mach 1 & Eagle ordered today.

John A. Sillasen

Why thank you, Chris. I've never brought anything larger than an Astrotrac before. I may just have to give this some serious consideration. Although, I won't be shipping a deep cycle battery.... A-P's, George Whitney's advice. He says not even a Powertank. Dew heaters draw too much current and can stop a mount. I'd slew. Not to worry, I've used multiple power sources before this.

Next time, let me know you've got logistical problems. You should be here.


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Congratulations John!

Are you going to bring them with you to the Big Island this year?

If so then you can optionally ship them to me via UPS before your arrival to
save on hassle and expense of hauling them through airports.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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First post and new to this group. After spending time with George Whitney
at NEAIC and building a shopping list together. I called Daleen and placed
my order. ETA to ship is next week. Nice!! I have also gone through the
Celestron mounts over the years from the CI700 days to the Nexstar series.
I've had a CG5, CGEM & CGEM-DX before making this order. I have used a 1200
series before as a volunteer at Mauna Kea. George and I talked through th
choices of the 900 and the Mach 1. Final weight equipment analysis was done
with Vic Maris' help as my refractors are all StellarVue. A combination of
APO's for imaging and visual use and ED scopes for guiding. Heaviest use
will be with a C11 and AT6RC.

It will be fun to bring an Astro Physics mount to a public star party with a
152mm achromat on it. Picture it now, a scope that cost around $800 and a
mount around $8000. Around there anyhow. Now they will truly get my
meaning when I say your mount should be much better than your scope to enjoy
them both. 10 times better in the case of the public star party scope,

John Sillasen


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