Re: Will an AP900 go upgrade like AP1600 but smaller size?


I am sure that the AP-900 or its replacement will get an upgrade. But at the same time, it would not be so great if it gained weight. Many that get the AP-900 instead of the AP-1200 (AP-1600 now) did so because they wanted or needed a lighter more portable mount. The cost difference between the mounts was not a huge issue, it was the weight and size.

I think that a mount in between the AP-900 and AP-1600 would be a good idea. In fact, not sure the AP-1200 needed to be discontinued, but that is another story. :^) But something in the 100-120 lb capacity would be nice to take the place of the AP-1200. I do understand that it is not always profitable to have too many models of items and production would have to be considered too.

Still, I hope that a mount like the AP-900 continues to be made, with the same low weight and small size.

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The AP1600 is very exciting mount that replace an AP1200GTO. I like it very much but I don't have an observatory. I can't bring them to anywhere for imaging. It is too much weight and too much load capacity for portable use.

I think an AP900GTO is much more reasonable for portable imaging platform. I'm very like cable through the mount as I used in my Mach1> it is very work for imaging.

I would like AP do it like AP1600GTO but for AP900GTO too.

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