Re: Will an AP900 go upgrade like AP1600 but smaller size?


I don't have any specific information but I wouldn't be surprised if Astro-Physics is in the process of redesigning the 900 with features similar to those found in other recent models. The Mach1, the 3600, and now the 1600 have all incorporated some similar elements such as repositioned motors, through-the-mount cabling, and the like (although the introduction of the Mach1 seems to have started the trend rather than being a redesign of a current production model).

If it's happening, it'll probably be another year before we seem them.


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The AP1600 is very exciting mount that replace an AP1200GTO. I like it very much but I don't have an observatory. I can't bring them to anywhere for imaging. It is too much weight and too much load capacity for portable use.

I think an AP900GTO is much more reasonable for portable imaging platform. I'm very like cable through the mount as I used in my Mach1> it is very work for imaging.

I would like AP do it like AP1600GTO but for AP900GTO too.

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