Re: ap1200 is dead

Don Anderson

Tentative pricing is on the AP website. Looks like $10500 without the absolute encoder option. No pricing on the encoders yet.

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Sorry if I missed an email somewhere but how much will this new ap1600 cost anyone know a price range?


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Sorry. My poor choice of words. I should have ag least put a smiley face after that statement.

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No need to feel that way....the AP1200GTO.. IS a
phenomenal, beautifully made work of mechanical
art. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and will
continue to do so. Sure the AP1600GTO is no doubt
an improvement...but probably only in the area of
remote operation (absolute encodes) and load capacity.
It is heavier and will, no doubt, cost
Kent Kirkley

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I just spent $10K for this thing. I feel like I've been thrown under the bus.

BTW, the Camry is still being made.

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I was also very much offended by the statement my beloved and trusted
AP1200 is like a Camry! :-( (LOL!)


???? 4/21/2012 04:55, ?/? primeclash ??????:

There is no way, no way, my 1200.can be likened to a Camry :-P

How about - 1200 = Ferrari 430, 1600 = 458 Italia ?

Louis Marchesi

(congrats on the 1600, it looks like a winner)

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I was thinking about upgrading from my ap900 to a 1200, now I
learn that
the 1200 is dead, and is replaced by ap1600...... How schocking
the world
can be.
Just think of the 1600 as the Lexus version of the 1200. (the 1200
the Toyota Camry).


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