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Hi Philip,
I have owned a G-11 and still own a GM-8 and can state that the G-11 is not in the same class as the AP-900 or the MI-250. It is a nice mount, but no where near the same dispite the stated capacity.

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I had a C14 on a Losmandy G11 for one observing sessions. It worked
kinda. But in the end it was just too much weight. I bought an AP1200
Well intended input I'm sure but there is no comparison between a
G11 and the 900GTO. The 900GTO is in a different class altogether in
terms of its load capacity, stability, tracking accuracy, and
ruggedness. The PE on my 900GTO is so low that I have never had to
train it. It has carried my 12.5" RCOS + accessories (65lbs, 3020mm
FL) with real precision over the past twelve years, again with no PE
correction at all. You can see some of these "toughest test" images
on my galaxy pages:


Philip Perkins
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