Re: 600gto for astrophotography

Paul Gustafson <drgus@...>

I've the 6oogto with 130f6 and use a 60mm guide scope combo. I'm new at
this game and have only tried 15 min. shots so far. I'm using the
wooden tripod for now. When I move up to the 155f7 EDFS I understand
the 900 would be a much more stable platform. To get the most out of
the 6oo mount I will get the pier. AP is sold out of 48in piers for a
couple of months, so I was wondering if anybody is using the 54in pier
with the 600gto/155f7 combo? I'm 6ft tall, but wonder if the 54in pier
will be too tall?
I'm 6'2" tall and use the 155 EDFS/900GTO combo (a little taller than the
600, I believe) on the 54" pier. I can view to the horizon standing and can
view at the zenith without crawling on my knees. It's quite doable, but if
you have any observing friends any shorter, it will be too tall when viewing
near the horizon. And you won't be doing much viewing seated. If you plan on
using a shorter scope on the mount/pier combo, I'd go for the 48". Since I
will be using a C-11 and a Mak-Cass on mine, I am going to sell the 54" and
go to a 48".


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